Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feedback for this blog

Some of the readers have mailed/sms'ed me with their feedbacks. I would like to post them here.

Ranganathan says:

Write some articles on the various vehicles da. So far, its mainly on planning-planning-planning, I feel.

You could have done a detailed article on MF’s before going to sip, twinvest etc. You remember the target audience?

Similarly on other branches as well
These comments and feedbacks boosts my enthusiasm because people are able to understand the need for money management. I have a total of 42 unique visitors and out of which 16 are returning visitors. Its a boost to my morale and a big responsibility to sustain the expectation of my readers since they are spending their time on my blog and I want every second they spend on my blog worthy.
One message on SMS:
In your Blog, also mention how much min and max % one must allot for spending beyond basic expenses. Like moviews, spl-food, gadgets, books, etc entertainments. You see, no point in investing while leading an ascetic life. Must enjoy present day first, yet be in control.

I have planned to divide my posts in catergories like Planning, Specific investment vehicles like Bonds (NSC), Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Asset Allocation and Networth. Let me know if you would like me to write on some other topic.

I would like you readers to please mail me with your feedback at wealthcreate[at]gmail[dot]com (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with . ) or sms me on 9980142474.
As diwali is approaching, I wont be able to post articles on regular intervals. I would be back to my usual routing on 25th October.
I would suggest these books to be read The Intelligent Investor, The secrets of the Rich, Getting an investing game plan. I would recommend to buy the hard copy of these books. They are worth buying. I derive much of my analysis across these books and practical experience.
Wish you all a happy diwali

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