Thursday, December 14, 2006

Linkfest #1: Don't steal, Govt. hates competition

Linkfest is a collection of links, which I have personally visited and have found useful. This way you all will not have to peruse through the web to find good articles.

Apologies for not posting for a long period. I was remodeling the blog. Hope you all like this new look. I would be glad to know how you all find this. Taking a cue from theinvestorblog, I have came up with my own Linkfest. theinvestorblog has good linkfest's. Many articles are quite good.

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This article explains how a good chartered accountant can make a huge difference. There are many intricacies associated with Indian tax laws. Here the friendly CA had made the whole 70 Lakh tax-free and also the income due to the 70 Lakh is tax free!!!! Isnt it a great deal.. I would suggest that every individual should have a good lawyer, good chartered accountant and a good financial adviser. Money spent on this, is Money well spent.

As I have seen, during the month of June, when there is a rush to fill in the ubiquitious SARAL form, we just pay a sum of around 150 - 250 to get it filled and filed. Thats it.. Most dont use the services of professional CA/tax/financial advisers. Spend time with your CA and learn it.. Any good CA would be able to explain the intricacies of the tax law with ease. Its not only the matter of how much money your CA would be able to save from tax, but also how the CA is making you at ease with your money!


The 5 things which you should not do with your money are: (Good reasons are provided)

  1. Don't hoard your money in a savings bank account
  2. Don't invest your money based on hearsay
  3. Don't manage your money without a plan
  4. Don't invest all your money in the same avenue
  5. Don't lose track of your money

The secret to becoming RICH (source:

This explains my favourite concept in money management, . Don't lose sight of this powerful concept. If there is no compounding, don't go for that investment avenue if you want your money to work more harder than you. Dividend re-investment is also a kind of compounding.

These are the links of the day. As and when I find interesting links, would be posting my thoughts on them.

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Anonymous said...

Good (re)work RM! It is much better now, esp the 'Tabs' on top. One point: The 2nd column is too long, while the 3rd is too short. Try a bit of reorg.
Keep up the good work. You have all our support.


Prasanth said...


The site looks much better and easier to read. Keep posting !!.



Uma Shankar Ladha said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments. Would strive to do my best.